Screw Caps - WoodTwister

thumb Woodtwister 24x30 2018 ENGScrew Cap 
WoodTwister 30x24
thumb woodtwister 30x60 2018 ENGScrew Cap 
WoodTwister 30x60

The WoodTwister is made of 100% wood-compound material. Combined with an insert made of toasted oak wood, a unique composite is derived that offers the advantages of a screw-top stopper with the positive attributes of top-quality natural cork.


Printing lends the stoppers an even higher quality appearance, and we are able to customise the printing options from even small volumes.
WoodTwister 30x60 can be personalised with a customer logo using pad printing.
Pad printing also allows the use of two-colour end printing, as well as monochrome printing.


Neutral jacket printing without printing plate costs for Twister screw stoppers 30x60. 

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