SYNCOR internal pressure gaugeSYNCOR internal pressure gauge

SYNCOR calibration tools

The internal pressure of the bottles after corking is easy to check with the SYNCOR internal pressure gauge:
Simply insert the needle through the cork and read the value indicated on the manometer.

Order the SYNCOR internal pressure gauge from our contact page.

SYNCOR measurement mandrel With the multi-stage SYNCOR precision measurement mandrel, you can precisely determine the compression of the corking mechanism. The compression is measured on a completely compressed corking mechanism and should lie between 15.8 and 16.3 mm.

The SYNCOR measurement mandrel set with instructions can be ordered from our contact page.

The SYNCOR fill level template The SYNCOR fill level template is the easiest way to check the fill level in the bottle. The fill level template has a millimetre scale on its front side and a temperature correction on the back side.

You can order the SYNCOR template from our contact page.

  Service for our customers:
SYNCOR employees inspect the precise calibration of the corking plant during service visits.

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