NatureWeinCork 2018 thumbNATURE WineCork

After many years of experience with our SYNCOR wine corks, we have now been able to bring together these benefits in our newly developed NATURE WineCork range too.

  • Visually indistinguishable from natural corks
  • Wood fibres instead of cork particles prevent cork flavouring & musty tastes
  • Features excellent gas tightness
  • 100% free from PU (polyurethane)
  • Free from phthalates capable of migration (softeners)
  • Ideal alternative to natural corks

The Nature WineCork is produced from high-quality and predominantly natural raw materials in a patented injection moulding process. Not only is the Nature WineCork a long-lasting alternative to natural corks thanks to its appearance, but its natural raw materials enable it to behave just like them, too.

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