Screw Caps - Twister

Twister - the patented stopper innovation

Whether it be red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, spumante or spirits, we've got the perfect stopper version for your product.

Based on the principle of combining the advantages of glass and screw stoppers as effectively as possible, we have successfully developed a stopper that not only offers you the highest possible quality, but also delivers flawless long-term protection for your product.

It is suitable for all common BVS 30/60 bottles and can also be used on rinsing glass thanks to the centring ring. The internal thread means you maintain a very sophisticated bottle appearance. Another new features is the robust screw cap, which promises superlative leak protection even in the event of end jolts.

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This innovation was awarded the IVIF Innovation Prize back in 2010. Over recent years we have been able to successfully expand our product portfolio.

The original glass lens is nowadays no longer the only lens version available. As a result, you can now combine the stopper to match your product and your needs.

Which Twister version is now more suited to red wine and which to white wine?

In this context, the choice of inlay is the key deciding factor. The following inlays are currently available for the Twister screw stoppers: GLASS, PET (glass-coated), WOOD and WOOD Compound.

Based on the Twister version, select the inlay suitable for your product:
A brief description of the difference between the inlays:

GLASS inlay

Glass is recommended for white wines, prosecco, sparkling wine and spirits.
The glass inlay is made entirely from natural glass and is completely taste-neutral as a result. The glass inlay also offers maximum leak protection against CO2 and SO2.
The glass inlay maintain an internal bottle pressure of up to 10 bar, making it ideal for highly carbonated drinks too.

PET inlay (glass-coated)

PET is recommended for white wines, prosecco, sparkling wine and spirits.
PET inlays are made from PET and coated with glass. It is a cheaper alternative to the glass lens but exhibits the same technical advantages.

For red wines, the glass and PET inlay are often too dense, since these create a complete seal and prevent any further maturing in the bottle. For red wine, however, maturing in the bottle is often desirable, which is why we recommend WOOD or WOOD compound in this case.

WOOD inlay

WOOD is recommended for all red wines or spirits that have been aged in barrels.
WOOD inlays are made from 100% toasted oak, allowing a natural ageing process in the bottle to produce the perfect maturity for drinking. For high-quality, barrel-aged red wines especially, the wooden lens is highly recommended. The pores in the wood allow slight oxidation (as with high-quality natural cork), resulting in the taste profile of red wines being softer, rounder and fuller. German red wine producers are very excited about the WOOD inlay. 


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